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Silver line in the cloud, there surely is no hurry, but would you mind showing up?!

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things to be grateful for – day five (and no typos)

No intended ones, anyway.

Funny things you see in this city: cactus listening to lovely music.
Grateful for a heartfelt laugh, last night 🙂

listening to lovely music


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Things to be grateful for – day one

I spent the whole day thinking “must find something, must find something…” was on the way to panicking, when on the way home, I found this…


And it’s a lot more than a little thing

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The pinkest city

So here I am,  new house, new flatmate, new area to explore, and get lost into.
Is there anything better than getting lost, when you have time? The small corners, the old houses, people talking, old men playing backgammon and their noisy cheerleaders (I am serious here, I was really taken aback by the shouts), the cats appearing from nowhere…
I love this city – after all, I chose her. Or so I thought, until I got hold of “Duma Key”.  How would I love to be able to write like Stephen King, by the way.
But I’m digressing.
So I got lost, once again, and to be fair I was starting to feel really annoyed, and then, this…


Sometimes this is the pinkest city, and no matter how tired I may be, she never fails to cheer me up with the beautiful sunsets.

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I really need to write something about procrastination. One day. Maybe.

For the time being, I will just try to start writing regularly again, and follow the advice a sometimes wise, sometimes not, young (I guess) man gave me two months ago, when I first mentioned struggling with the blog.

I know you can’t wait to know what I have been up to these days weeks months, so here’s your prize for having been incredibly patient.

I moved to Lebanon. Really.
I thought it was going to be for a few weeks, but could not stay away for long, and now I am trying to find a way to stay here wothout drying up the little savings I have.
Maybe I will start working with refugees again. I would love to. How good would that be.
Trying to give back some of what I have received from life, join those who lost everything for a part of their journey towards a better life, a new beginning. It would be another gift to me, somehow, I suppose. But still, I would love to.

Will I be up to the task? Will I manage to be of some help and not an hindrance?
I hope so.

In the meantime, I am struggling a bit with my Arabic classes.
But then, I need to take this small step to get on the big road.

And take pictures along the way.