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things to be grateful for – day six

do I really have to add anything?22 degrees, and they call it winter <3


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things to be grateful for – day five (and no typos)

No intended ones, anyway.

Funny things you see in this city: cactus listening to lovely music.
Grateful for a heartfelt laugh, last night 🙂

listening to lovely music

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“An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents – O You Terror” on YouTube

I’ve been laughing for the last two days, before actually daring to share this with my sister.
She hasn’t spoken to me since.

An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents – O You Terror: http://youtu.be/8uiTtt8JFZo

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The risks I’ll never take

Saturdays put me in a strange mood these days. I always try to plan something, just to avoid all this, but plans don’t always work, so, here I am.
Listening to the same song over and over. And over. And over. You get the idea.
And I wonder whether I haven’t made one big, huge mistake. Leaving everything for this sabbatical year, or whatever the right name for leaving a dead end job, moving to Beirut to be closer to where the needs are, and where my love is, and learn a new language, might prove to be the worst decision ever.
And I listen to this song. For hours.  I have for a few years now, and in the end, it always makes me smile.

The adventures that there could have been…
After all, I did take chances. This is quite an adventure.
I do things. Go places. Meet people. Try food. Share.
Maybe not for the most clever, logical reasons, but I travel a lot. And stay, live, learn. Love. Oh yes, and pray. Guess I have the whole book covered, now.

After all, maybe that’s what love is for. Learning.
And if my love lives faraway, I’ll learn about new places. Even if he’s still faraway.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m not in love with Shrek.

and look no further for happiness

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A patient family

Clearly tired of sitting all day in an office, writing papers no one will ever read – except demigod and the centre of the Universe – I decided I have to go back to the field.
See people’s face, understand what’s needed and what we only suppose is, see the change, hopefully for the good.

So I started – more seriously – browsing through open positions, and found many interesting ones. It’s a wonderful area of work, difficult to find dull jobs. How did I manage to get my current one, is still a mystery.

When I was in Africa my family was worried all the time – same happened to me last month, with my loved one being “unaccounted for” in Damascus for three weeks, guess I had more reasons to be worried, honestly, but anyway  – so I browsed this list and decided to skip the top Countries, so they don’t need to worry too much.

But I have good chances to go to one in seventh position.

My mum will be so proud! Continue reading

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Apocalyptic Pollyanna

I have been struggling in the last few weeks to find something funny to talk about, or find the funny part in whatever was going on around me.
Truth is, there are times that no matter how hard you try to pick yourself up, you simply can’t. And you have no other option but to live with it. And hope for a better day, tomorrow.


I moved in – work-wise – with demigod. The first week was a nightmare. The second was worse.
Having to go to his office ten times a day and answering his five daily calls and twenty e-mails was exhausting, but being three metres away, oh dear!, he sings and whistles and asks for anything any second, no way to concentrate on whatever it is you are doing. Trying to do, more like.
Then, well, I could not just feel miserable, and tried to find the good side in this…whatchamacallit.
I arrive hours before he does, and now that he knows it, he no longer frowns when I try to leave early.
And he makes me coffee.
And brought me a Christmas present.
And for the first time in my life I can take the week off.
And from my new window I SEE THE SKY!

So basically the Apocalypse was a nice improvement in my life.

...and then one starts to see the beautiful things again

…and then one starts to see the beautiful things again