Pollyanna Rules

Silver line in the cloud, there surely is no hurry, but would you mind showing up?!

this should be called “about”, I suppose

Why this blog?

To share views and thoughts and above all funny stories.
Well, not always funny, but when I manage to find the humorous side of events,or the not-so-terrible one, I suppose there’s no harm telling friends about it.
And of course I hope we will become friends, when the right time comes.

About me

I love reading, writing, photography (I will try to post only my pictures), and travelling. Oh, and learning languages.
And I love my field of work, though not necessarily my present job.
What this field is, you are probably going to find out soon. If you don’t, and are still curious, feel free to ask.
Oh, and I tend to be lazy. Professionally.
This blog is a challenge for me, I will try to write something everyday – I have plenty of stories to share – and see who is stronger, my laziness or me.

Seems all for now.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading, and commenting the posts, and challenging me. It will be fun.

Let’s go.

Let’s jump into this new adventure


and what do you think?

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