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Silver line in the cloud, there surely is no hurry, but would you mind showing up?!

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“An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents – O You Terror” on YouTube

I’ve been laughing for the last two days, before actually daring to share this with my sister.
She hasn’t spoken to me since.

An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents – O You Terror: http://youtu.be/8uiTtt8JFZo


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(mysterious) cats of Beirut

One of them is in my house.

Well, was.

Yesterday she was alone, bored, ran away. Apparently she does it every now and then, and she’s always back in the morning, but there’s still no trace of her.
And we – as in my flatmate and I, plus all the people living in the building, plus some friends – have been calling her since we realised she was gone.
Looks like the whole neighbourhood is poking fun at us. Some kids joined the chase, thinking it was some sort of game. At least, that’s what I understood.
I need to work harder on my Arabic, really.

Funny thing is, it’s a cat that hardly moves. Even lazier than me.

How can she have gone beyond the doorstep is still a mystery.