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Silver line in the cloud, there surely is no hurry, but would you mind showing up?!

The pinkest city

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So here I am,  new house, new flatmate, new area to explore, and get lost into.
Is there anything better than getting lost, when you have time? The small corners, the old houses, people talking, old men playing backgammon and their noisy cheerleaders (I am serious here, I was really taken aback by the shouts), the cats appearing from nowhere…
I love this city – after all, I chose her. Or so I thought, until I got hold of “Duma Key”.  How would I love to be able to write like Stephen King, by the way.
But I’m digressing.
So I got lost, once again, and to be fair I was starting to feel really annoyed, and then, this…


Sometimes this is the pinkest city, and no matter how tired I may be, she never fails to cheer me up with the beautiful sunsets.


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