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Silver line in the cloud, there surely is no hurry, but would you mind showing up?!

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And here we go. Again?!

And here we go. Again.There might be changes ahead.

A new job? I quite like the one I have, if I forget: 1- boss (one of the many, all bosses and no workers here),Β 2- pay, 3-tiny contracts,Β 4- unpaid overtime – because, hey, I’m a consultant after all. I may not sign the next mini-contract-extension and…
And try harder to get a better job. I got used to being useful and go to bed happy with what I had done, and what I would do the next day. It was good. It felt good. It meant a better life for someone. And it was not me.

A new house? a new city? a new Country? a new life?

Let’s see what happens.

I think I am ready.

I have to be.

how about a nice cup of tea