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And so, where does all you optimism come from?

The famous silver line seems to be evading me these months.
And I know I do have much to be thankful for, a new job, a wonderful new friend, a boss – demigod – who in the end I found out to be a wonderful person, and made sure I did not have to worry about the future before he left.
And I have my family, and my health is fine, and I have a roof over my head.
But I am not happy. Far from it, Β having my beloved one in Damascus is like a nightmare.
A nightmare I cannot wake up from.

Funny thing is, I keep telling him to be optimistic, not to lose hope, that things will eventually be fine, that the war will leave him and his family unscathed, that we will meet again soon, that all the plans that have been put on hold will finally see the light.

And he asks how can I still be optimistic.

And I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why, I only know I am striving to.

Then I found this, and it kind of sums up my feelings. I suppose.