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Non, je ne regrette rien

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Do you ever wonder how different your life would be, if…?

if you had chosen a different university
if you had not gone to university at all
if you had not ran away from the place you grew up in
if you had started a different career
if you had been less nomadic
if you had accepted to settle down, when you had been given the chance

I do, every  now and then. When things seem to go wrong, as it happens.

I like to imagine all the different people that I might have become, the fun experiences I might have had, the dull jobs I might have had to endure, or craved, who knows.
And more than anything, I wonder whether I might have made different decisions in relationships. I might have suffered less, or loved more, or been happier, or treated someone more kindly.

And then I recall all the joy, and laughter, and tears, and suffering, and smiles, and fears. And they make me the person I am now. Far from perfect,  but, hey, I can’t do everything 😉 

And I know that if I had to start all over again, I would do exactly the same. It’s been fun, so far.

Non, je ne regrette rien.


One thought on “Non, je ne regrette rien

  1. Oui, je suis d’accord avec vous! No regrets 🙂

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